Our Farm

We take pride in supporting local businesses and ensuring the highest quality for our guests. That’s why we have taken our passion for local produce one step further, and now source our meat directly from our family-run farm here on the Isle of Wight, neighbouring our pub and less than 2-minutes’ walk away.

We believe in the importance of sustainable and ethical farming practices while offering you a truly farm-to-table dining experience.

Here’s what you can expect when enjoying our locally sourced meat:

Quality and Freshness

Our locally sourced meat is known for it’s exceptional quality and freshness. By working closely with our nearby farm, we ensure that the meat we serve is of the highest standard, offering you the best Flavours and textures in our dishes.

Traceability and Transparency

We prioritise transparency in our sourcing practices. When you dine with us, you can be confident that the meat on your plate comes from our trusted local farm*. We value the connection between our guests and the source of their food, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation for the journey from farm to table.

*In some cases, where we cannot supply enough meat, we will always use an island based local farm to substitute our needs.

Diversifying: By sourcing our meat locally, we contribute to the sustainability of our community and diversify our farm’s income streams. This allows us to continue working in the farming community, while giving back to the local economy.

Ethical Farming Practices

Our family-run farm demonstrates ethical and humane farming practices. Our farm ensures that their animals are well-cared for, providing them with a comfortable and natural environment.

Diverse Menu Selection

Our menu features a range of dishes highlighting the locally sourced meat. From hearty steaks and gourmet burgers to succulent roasts and flavourful sausages, you can indulge in a variety of dishes showcasing the quality and taste of our local farm’s meat.

Farm-Fresh Ingredients

In addition to the meat, we strive to incorporate other locally sourced ingredients into our dishes. This includes fresh produce, herbs, and dairy products sourced from nearby farms. By supporting local producers, we ensure that every ingredient contributes to the overall quality and taste of our culinary offerings.

By choosing our countryside pub and bed and breakfast, you not only get to savour delicious meals but also contribute to sustainable agriculture and support the local community.

Join us for a dining experience that celebrates the best of local flavours, with meat sourced directly from our local farm and trusted island suppliers.