Stable and Stay

At our countryside pub and bed and breakfast, we are delighted to offer stabling facilities for horses at neighbouring Lake Farm Equestrian Centre, allowing you to enjoy your equestrian activities while staying with us on the beautiful Isle of Wight. We understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable environment for your equine companions. Here’s what you can expect from our stabling facilities:

Spacious StablesLake Farm’s stables are designed to provide ample space for your horses to move comfortably. We offer well-maintained and clean stables that prioritize the safety and well-being of your horses.
Quality CareOur experienced and knowledgeable staff are passionate about horses and ensure the utmost care for your equine friends. We understand that every horse is unique and has specific needs, and we strive to meet those requirements to ensure their comfort and happiness during their stay.
Nutritious FeedingWe can provide high-quality feed and hay to ensure that your horses receive a balanced and nutritious diet – this will be quoted on top of your stabling and room fee as an additional service. If your horses have any dietary restrictions or specific feeding routines, please let us know, and we’ll accommodate their needs to the best of our ability.
Secure Paddocks or Turnout AreasWe offer secure paddocks or turnout areas where your horses can stretch their legs and enjoy some grazing time. Our aim is to provide a safe and enclosed space for them to roam freely and relax.
Access to Riding TrailsThe Isle of Wight boasts stunning riding trails and beautiful countryside, and we are conveniently located near these scenic routes. You’ll have easy access to picturesque trails and can explore the island’s natural beauty with your horses.
Convenient FacilitiesIn addition to stabling, we provide convenient facilities for horse owners, including storage areas for tack and equipment. You can rest assured that your belongings will be secure and easily accessible during your stay.
Friendly and Knowledgeable StaffLake Farm’s staff members are equestrian enthusiasts themselves and are always available to provide assistance and advice. Whether you need information about local riding trails or require any assistance with your horses, our friendly team is here to help.
Combine your love for horses with a comfortable stay at our countryside pub and bed and breakfast.With our on-site stabling facilities, you can explore the scenic beauty of the Isle of Wight with your equine companions and then relax and unwind in our welcoming establishment. Contact us today to enquire about availability and make arrangements for your horses.
We look forward to accommodating you and your four-legged friends.
We look forward to accommodating you and your four-legged friends.